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Render Farm Explained

Render farm, a term most people new to the rendering industry would surely ask what it means. Let’s see how Wikepedia defines it:

“A render farm is a high performance computer system, e.g. a computer cluster, built to render computer-generated imagery (CGI), typically for film and television visual effects. The rendering of images is a highly parallelizable activity, as frames and sometimes tiles can be calculated independently of the others, with the main communication between processors being the upload of the initial source material, such as models and textures, and the download of the finished images.”

How does render farms work?

Render farms would usually ask artists or animators to send them their project for rendering.Depending on the project’s size, the rendering can be done by uploading the materials/files via ftp or for some farms via plugins. After successfully uploading your files, rendering starts. This is where the magic begins. The render farm software distribute your files to the farm’s computers and starts processing parts of your files in parallel with each having its own instance of the 3D rendering software installed and configured.

After that, the artist/animator gets his final/rendered project.

Below is a list of Render Farms with their pricing, render engines and plugins and base apps that can help you with your 3D rendering needs.

RebusFarm Render Farm User Review

AJ DeFlaminis
Easy to use, quick turnaround time on support tickets, excellent render times. What more could a guy ask for? Love Rebus.
AJ DeFlaminis July 2015
Time is precious for my work and that is why i did choose Rebusfarm from many other renderfarms online.Support is very fast and great, very simple to upload files with plugin and you do not have to do no further steps. Rebus farm will sure be my number one choice. October 2015

Pixel Plow Render Farm User Review

The support of this farm is incredible, they answer you in less than 10 minutes and even after business hours. The prices are really interesting moreover.
May 11, 2016
I’ve discovered PixelPlow about 4 months ago and this changed my whole workflow! I work specifically with animations. With the impressively low pricing, I’d say this is the best platform especially for that! Their Agent software works like a clock, the progress is easy to follow. And the fact that files are silently downloaded to my machine and I’m notified by email when it’s done or if there is any issue, gives me additional sense of freedom and control. Also customer service is great and quick! Thank you guys for making this, it really is a (work)life changer!
November 30, 2015

GarageFarm Render Farm User Review

Adam Stone
Amazing first-time experience using this service. I was skeptical at first when it came to using a render farm, however, GarageFarm and it’s instant messaging service got me through it. It’s the best and easiest render farm out there and I’ll be using their services again for sure!
Adam Stone J.C. Rooks & Sons
ElephantPink Marbella
The best Render farm we’ve ever work!! They are 24 hours available if you need something, very fast responses, low cost and very very professional!! We have work with other companies but this is simply the best!! 100% Recommendation 🙂
ElephantPink Marbella ElephantPink Marbella

Ranch Computing Render Farm User Review

Camilo, Founder/CEO
First of all I got to say I’m impressed by the quick response and the way my problem was handled. I’ve had several problems on other render farms and have never gotten help like this before. I will for sure keep using this render farm service, so far is been working great and I got to say the customer support is the best I’ve had. I will download the render, thanks again for your feedback and for your help.
Camilo, Founder/CEO Camilo, Founder/CEO (Colombia)
Jono, Digital Media Designer
Couldn’t be happier with this service, the system is great and the support is excellent. Especially for newbs like me who are not so tech savvy.
Jono, Digital Media Designer Jono, Digital Media Designer (Australia)

TurboRender Render Farm User Review

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